How would you like to start your own business, find out how to be safe in a work environment, and be trained to possibly save a life? That’s exactly what the Safe Sitter® babysitting classes offered by the Olathe Library can help you achieve.

Many Young Adults babysit to make extra money –often without receiving any training or skills beyond showing up and “sitting”. When you train as a Safe Sitter®, you can take on jobs with the confidence of knowing how to manage the children in your care as well as protecting yourself!

  • Young Adults aged 11+ may take the classes
  • Not just boring lectures! You will practice scenarios, do some role- playing, and perform hands-on activities to help you learn the skills taught in the program.
  • Learn how to choose safe jobs and jobs you can handle.  Phone and interviewing skills as well as personal safety issues are covered.


-There are over 150 documented cases of choking rescues by Safe Sitter® graduates. Check out some of their amazing stories here:  Safe Sitter® Heroes

-Safe Sitter is on Facebook

Safe Sitter®