Cool Sites for June 2016

Zoo and Aquarium Month
     Kansas City Zoo
     Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Guide
     San Diego Zoo - Kids

June 4 - Aesop's Birthday (620 B.C.)
     Aesop's Fables

June 5 - Benjamin Franklin Flies a Kite
     Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man

June 6 - National Yo-Yo Day
       Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

June 10 - Maurice Sendak's Birthday (1928)
     Maurice Sendak

June 12 - Anne Frank's Birthday (1929)
      The Anne Frank Center USA

June 14 - National Flag Day
     USA Flag Site

June 17 - M.C. Escher's Birthday (1898)
     M.C. Escher

June 18 - Chris Van Allsburg's Birthday
     Chris Van Allsburg

June 18 - World Juggling Day
     Juggling Information Service

June 19 - Father's Day
     Fun Father's Day Ideas for Kids

June 19 - Juneteenth

June 19 - Garfield's Birthday (1978)

June 25 - Eric Carle's Birthday (1929)
     Official Eric Carle Web Site


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